Sharing Adam’s Rocket Round Leicester story

Incite Video‘s Creative Director, Adam King, has been helping LOROS Hospice capture the Rocket Round Leicester trail come to life. Adam has a particular reason for supporting LOROS as his Mum was cared for at the Hospice when he was a child. Here’s his story.

“I was only 9 years old when, in 1994, my Mum went to LOROS Hospice. She’d spent periods in hospital and had chemotherapy for breast and then bone cancer so I knew it was serious.” Adam told us,

“I remember the hospitals vividly. Long corridors and stony-faced doctors who gave us bad news and then abruptly left the room. It felt scary. Even now, thirty years later long hospital corridors make me feel uneasy.

“Then she was admitted to LOROS. It was totally different. It felt safe and friendly and I remember actually looking forward to visiting her. I felt comfortable there. So many lovely members of staff.

“I remember going to a fete in the LOROS grounds, on a beautiful sunny day, holding my Mum’s hand. Even though she had terminal cancer I have nothing but happy and safe memories of my Mum’s time at LOROS. I think the staff provided a kind of safe space for us and that left a lasting impression on me.

“So I grew up with my Dad and my younger brother, who was 7 when my Mum died, and two much older brothers. I became a videographer and set up my own business, Incite Video. LOROS remained close to my heart and I always tried to support it when I could by contributing to fundraisers and playing the LOROS Lottery.

“Then I saw a LOROS post on Facebook asking for video support on the Rocket Round Leicester project. I knew I wanted to be involved, to give something back.

“So I started to video the Rockets, which was amazing. I didn’t care how much work it was, I needed to do it justice as there was such opportunities for filming. The rockets are big, bold and beautiful, and look incredible. I really enjoyed it. I had to tell my LOROS colleagues to stop thanking me!

“When LOROS offered me a Gift in Kind Supporter partnership in recognition of all the filming I’d done, I was delighted. Now Incite Video has its own rocket on the trail, Bogswamp, a fantastic blue monster, designed by local artist Sam Grubb, which is going to look amazing.

“It was perfect, in memory of my Mum and all to benefit LOROS. A perfect tribute. She’d be so proud.

“Working with LOROS has made me feel closer to my Mum. It’s allowed me to talk about her more too. I think she’d love the work I’m doing with LOROS, and that’s a lovely feeling.”

Thank you to Adam and Incite Video for joining us on our Rocket Round Leicester adventure and for sharing his story with us.

Be sure to see Bogswamp on the trail from 19th July, find the sculpture location here.

Take a look at the sculptures coming to life and check out Adam and Incite Video’s Rocket Round Leicester videos here.

Rocket Round Leicester

Rocket Round Leicester