Launching into LOROS Week on the Rocket trail!

From Monday 6th-12th September it’s LOROS week here on the Rocket Round Leicester trail! We’ll be showing you why LOROS is such an amazing place, and how you can show your support for the charity!

Anna Shutt is a local artist who also works at LOROS Hospice! In her day job she helps bring in the funds that allow LOROS to care for 2,500 patients each year, so she knows exactly how much the Rocket trail means to the Hospice.

“It’s incredibly important in so many ways. LOROS is a real part of the community and the trail is a celebration for the whole of Leicester. Seeing the people of Leicester enjoying these amazing Rockets has been wonderful. COVID has taken its toll on all of us, including LOROS, so we need support more than ever.”

Her Rocket, Leicestarry Night, is inspired by Van Gogh’s iconic paintings. “I’ve always loved Van Gogh and was due to go to the interactive exhibition but couldn’t due to COVID, in fact my son was ill in hospital with the virus too. When I finally got to visit, I found it very emotional.

“Van Gogh used darkness in his painting to represent his own depression and mental health struggles, and talks about hope being in the stars. When I saw the painting again, I was struck by how it reflects Leicester’s battle with Covid. Locked down for longer than any other city and, when I painted my Rocket in February, still with very high Covid rates. Things seemed dark at the time, but the stars provide real hope and a way forward, just as they did for Van Gogh.”

You can find Leicestarry Night, sponsored by BID Leicester, at Leicester’s clock tower.

Elsewhere, we will be selling beautiful ‘in memory’ butterflies at the Trail Hub shop and online at These pretty ornaments have been a huge hit at LOROS Hospice, with hundreds of people buying them to remember their loved ones. Catch one while you can!

It’s been brilliant to see how our patients have been enjoying the #RocketRoundLeicester trail! Many have been taking in a few at a time and posting selfies to #RocketRoundLeicester. Don’t forget to join them out on the trail this week!

Rocket Round Leicester

Rocket Round Leicester