Love Local? Love Rockets!

This week it’s Love Local on our Rocket Round Leicester trail! We’re zooming in on a local artist that created an AMAZING Rocket and who lives in Leicestershire! Katy Dynes’ Rocket, Celebrating Community which is sponsored by Trucklink EU, has been inspired by the idea of community spirit and dancing (especially the Conga!). Katy, who lives in the Leicestershire countryside, hopes this joyful design shows the generosity, diversity, kindness, support and joy in this wonderful community.

“My Rocket sculpture is all about people. Looking at how they interact, how they come together and the wonderful sense of Leicestershire’s diverse multicultural community. For me, people are the most important thing and I’ve put them at the heart of my design.”

Katy’s Rocket shows the community of Leicester dancing and celebrating together – albeit socially distanced!

“Everyone has a story to tell, big or small, and they are all equally important. I wanted my Rocket to tell the stories of Leicester’s diverse community.”

Katy has also created a series of comic strips featuring characters from her Rocket, which allows her to tell their stories in a bit more detail.

“As an illustrator, I’m endlessly fascinated with stories, and I thought it would be fantastic to bring all the people, illustration and story elements to life through a comic strip. The stories follow me going on an adventure with them and experiencing a moment in their life.” You can read Katy’s comic strips here.

“I’m delighted by the reaction to my Rocket – everyone has been really interested. When I visit it, there’s always people asking questions and pointing to the characters they like best. It’s helping people to talk to one another and tell their own stories and for me, that is just brilliant.”

That’s just one of our ultra-talented local artists – there are many more! This week, why not seek out the others? Have fun and love local!

Rocket Round Leicester

Rocket Round Leicester