Out of this world fundraising ideas

Raising funds for LOROS Hospice, Rocket Round Leicester blasts off this summer – and we’ve put together a selection of space inspired fundraising ideas for schools and colleges!

Rocket Round Leicester is a Wild in Art event brought to the city by LOROS Hospice. 40 giant Rocket sculptures and a selection of mini Rocket sculptures, known as the Junior Jets, will form the biggest art trail the city has ever seen. Schools and colleges have been encouraged to pledge their support by signing up for Rocket Round Leicester’s Learning Programme. Once on board, they’ll design, decorate and launch their own Junior Jet alongside enjoying an enriched Resource Pack.

To complete the mission of raising money for LOROS Hospice, we’ve shared a list of out of this world fundraising ideas for schools and colleges to try:


Give pupils the opportunity to have the afternoon off watching the iconic movie, Space Jam for a donation of £1 each. The next day ask them to write about the lessons they learnt from the film.


As a class – attempt the space hopper challenge! Ask pupils to collect sponsorship for bouncing up and down on a space hopper (if they have one if not normal jumping will be fine) for as long as they can. Challenge the class to collectively bounce for 365 seconds to represent the 365 days it takes the earth to orbit the sun.

Alternatively, students can pledge a £1 donation and guess how long they can bounce for as a class – whoever is the closest wins a small prize.


Ask pupils to complete a 3.65 mile sponsored walk to represent how long it takes for the earth to orbit all the way around the sun.


Challenge the pupils to decorate a Smarties tube like a rocket and then fill it with 20 pence pieces (Rocket fuel!) over the school year. At the end of the year, collect them in and give a small price to each pupil who fills their tube.


Put on a fun quiz for the children to play along with at home for a donation of £1. Make sure there are fun prizes up for grabs!


Join the virtual Rocket Round Leicester conversation and share a crowdfunding campaign across your social media channels! This is a particularly great way to fundraise in these difficult times. Simply post a link to your JustGiving campaign page and watch the funds grow. You can also see how other schools are comparing in their fundraising too.



Don’t forget to invite your contacts to be your space cadets! Reach out to your PTA or local businesses to see if they can support with the fundraising.


Challenge pupils to a sponsored litter pick in their local community.


  • Non uniform day – dress like an astronaut (must include tinfoil!)
  • Bake sale – space decorated sweet treats!
  • Straw or balloon rocket race – see YouTube for tutorials
  • Read-a-thon – a selection of space themed books with a certificate at the end
  • Space quiz
  • Colouring/art competition
  • Cupcake decorating
  • Hula hoop competition – like Saturn’s rings

For more ideas on how to fundraise make sure you check out www.loros.co.uk/toolkit.

We can’t wait to see what you get up to! Don’t forget to share photos from your fundraisers with us on social media using #RocketRoundLeicester.

Find out more about how your school, college or community group can join the Rocket Round Leicester Learning Programme by clicking here.

Rocket Round Leicester

Rocket Round Leicester