Launching into Space Week!

From Monday 2nd July – Sunday 8th July, it’s SPACE WEEK here at Rocket Round Leicester. We’re sure you’ll agree that rockets are pretty epic! However, their space-tastic appeal isn’t the only reason we chose them…

With more and more trail-goers taking to the streets, we are so excited to share the reasons why we chose a rocket shape as the sculptures and space theme for our trail.



Can you believe that every day for the last 52 years, there has been an instrument in space that was built in Leicester? Epic or what!

You may not know it, but little old Leicester is one of the most active cities for space research in the world, and following the development of Leicester’s Space Park, has now been hailed the UK’s ‘Space City’. Over the years, Leicester has developed important x-ray technology, led the way in the analysis of Martian soil and meteorites, and University of Leicester alumnus, Jeff Hoffman, has flown 5 space missions with NASA !

Along with looking amazing, our stellar fleet of 40 GIANT Rocket sculptures will celebrate the incredible contribution our city has made to space exploration since the 1960s.



We believe that rockets represent the future. The all-important funds raised by the trail for LOROS will make a world of difference to the services provided at the hospice. Each contribution, no matter how big or small, will ensure that future generations can access the care that LOROS give to over 2,500 local people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland each year.



Rockets are also a symbol of innovation and at LOROS, innovation is something that is highly valued when looking at new technologies which may help to improve the lives of patients and also the care given. You can find out more about LOROS’ education, training and research programme here.


Rocket designs:

Many of the sculpture designs have been inspired by space too. Laika, named after and inspired by the Soviet space dog who became one of the first animals in space and to orbit the Earth, features dogs wearing Tim Peake’s space-suit. Woven into Space captures the story of the space age weavers, who were women who used their skills to weave the core rope memory for computers that sent the 1960s US Apollo missions into space. The design for Overgrown was also inspired by discovering that fungi grows in space! Be sure to share you space stories and facts with us using #RocketRoundLeicester.

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Featured photo by: Beth Walsh Photography

Rocket Round Leicester

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