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Emerson Automation Solutions is where technology and engineering come together to create solutions for the benefit of our customers, driven without compromise for a world in action. 

We take seriously our role in the global business community and our responsibility to pursue the highest standards of corporate citizenship. 

By confronting the most complex and important issues facing the world in commercial, industrial and residential markets, we are driven to rise to the challenge of leaving the world in a better place while creating long-term value for all our stakeholders. 

We combine our best-in-class technology, ground-breaking innovation and fervent passion for excellence to make a true difference in the communities and industries in which we operate. 

At Emerson Automation Solutions, we love the idea that the Rocket sculpture is inspired by Leicester’s scientific heritage.  As an engineering company we see opportunities for our Apprentice and Graduate schemes as well as general recruitment.  Encouraging young people through STEM events is something that we already do, and we are excited to include this project in our portfolio for 2021. 

This is a unique project where we hope to encourage employee engagement through wellbeing, family friendly events and staff competitions. 

Emerson Automation Solutions have proactively supported LOROS for several years.  Many of us have had personal experience of friends and family who have benefited from LOROS.  We appreciate how difficult the last few months have been for the charity sector and we are glad to be able to support the Rocket Round Leicester event.  

Emerson Automation Solutions is also interested in this as a community project to increase footfall in the town centre and to add to the vibrancy of the town.”




Rocket Round Leicester

Rocket Round Leicester