Thank you to our Official Logistics Partner, Trucklink eu!

It’s been all systems go in preparation for Rocket Round Leicester over the past couple of weeks! Not only did 40 giant Rocket sculptures land at our painting space in Leicester, but almost half were then transported into the homes and studios of artists locally and across the country too.

We’re delighted that Rocket Round Leicester Official Logistics Partner, Trucklink eu, eagerly accepted this mission from ground control. Carefully delivering 19 of these humungous Rocket sculptures, Trucklink drivers travelled over 1000 miles across the country from Dundee to Barry Island and Ipswich – incredible!

As artists eagerly awaited their sculpture, Trucklink’s delivery drivers were greeted with excitement.

Rocket Round Leicester artist and Wild in Art enthusiast, Lynne Hollingsworth wrote on Instagram, “My Rocket sculpture arrived today! I think the neighbours are quite used to weird and wonderful things being delivered to my workspace.

Big shout out to the Trucklink delivery driver… he was absolutely fantastic and super helpful – a star delivering a Rocket!”

Billy Hutchinson, a fellow Rocket Round Leicester artist, over 370 miles away from Leicester in Dundee added, “The Trucklink delivery driver [who delivered Billy’s Rocket sculpture] was really nice and helpful!”

Once the talented artists have transformed their sculptures into unique works of art, Trucklink Eu will continue their mission and return the completed sculptures to a secure location ahead of the trail going live. With the help of Connexas’s tracking technology, anyone will be able to follow the Rocket’s return journey with Trucklink across the country, we think that’s just epic!

A star-studded thank you to Trucklink and a special thanks to drivers Rob and Kev for delivering a world-class service. We count our lucky stars for Trucklink’s continued #RocketRoundLeicester support. We cannot wait to track the sculptures back to the city, can you?

Rocket Round Leicester

Rocket Round Leicester