This week is CHALLENGE WEEK on the Rocket Round Leicester trail

It’s CHALLENGE WEEK on the Rocket Round Leicester trail! And with just TWO weeks of trail left, what will you take on for LOROS? 

This week we’ll be cheering on a group of intrepid space cadets who are literally walking over hot coals for LOROS Hospice! You can find them in Great Central Square on Wednesday 15th September from 5.30pm. 

If that’s too hot to handle you might fancy making your own way round the Rocket trail with the 100km challenge Space Race. Walk, cycling or running, roller-skating, scooting or unicycling – how ever you choose, have lots of fun and get sponsored for LOROS! 

Why not make up your own challenge? Last month our awesome LOROS Enablement team took a run round the Rockets after work, and clocked up more than 13 miles! That’s a half marathon! The incredible team raised more than £1,000 for LOROS. 

Younger space cadets can pick up a coin collection card from our Trail Hub shop and challenge themselves to collect pennies for our patients! The card will help kids’ fundraising lift off and is crammed with exciting space facts to keep them entertained! 

Whatever you do this week, get out and enjoy the last TWO weeks of the amazing Rocket Round Leicester trail! 

Rocket Round Leicester

Rocket Round Leicester