Top Ten Hot Rockets

Now the Rocket Round Leicester trail has disappeared from the city’s streets and the Rockets are being prepared for the Charity Auction, which was the most popular Rocket?  

All are stunning, unique and, at more than two metres high, an awesome sight. But which are the people’s favourites? And which will reach a sky-high price for LOROS Hospice when they are sold at the Grand Charity Auction on Wednesday 13th October? 

Here’s the top 10 run-down of Leicester’s most popular Rockets, as voted for via the Rocket Round Leicester app.

1. Blue Army 

Donna Newman’s iconic Rocket celebrating the Foxes is Leicester’s number 1 

Blue Army is a celebration of the legendary Leicester City Football Club. The club is a key part of the community and this design celebrates their sporting achievements and the dedication of their fans. 

 2. Major Tom

This Rocket was sited at the Space Centre – the perfect location for this Bowie tribute 

A cheeky ginger Tom cat peeks over the top of this Rocket which is the only sculpture that’s different in shape. Artist Sally Adams created a fish tank inside her Rocket complete with a curious cat. 

3. Stardust 

This Rocket uses five different shades of white glass and four types of silver to create its intricate mosaic pattern 

Inspired by Leicester’s heritage of space, Stardust uses a reflective colour palette of white and silver to create the magical shimmer and sparkle you get from stars. 

4. Bogswamp 

Local street artist Sam Grubb has previously painted for Leicester’s Bring The Paint festival 

Artist Sam Grubb has turned his Rocket sculpture into one of his monster characters, a giant, blue cuddly monster. It’s been a hit with younger trail-goers and even has a cuddly toy inspired by it! 

5. Galaxy in Mind 

A magical illustration which captured the imagination of many trail goers 

This Rocket celebrates the opportunity for wonder and marvel in the simple acts of life, as well as the wondrous and ground-breaking ones, such as space travel. 

 6. Rocket King – Richard III 

A playful caricature of the city’s famous car park king 

This Rocket celebrates Leicester’s car park king – Richard III, who died in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 and was uncovered half a millennium later, under a car park in Leicester City centre. 

7. Walk on the Wildside 

This Rocket celebrates the hidden wildlife havens of Leicester’s waterways 

The waterways are a place that is not often appreciated for its wildlife, but local artist Kathleen Smith encourages people to get outside, walk and discover the nature around Leicester 

8. Diverse-city 

Local artist reflects diversity of Leicester people in its built environment 

Artist Anita Argent’s architectural style lends itself to the intricate detail of Leicester’s iconic buildings on this Rocket. 

9. Spaceman Helter Skelter 

A fun, colourful Rocket featuring a vintage helter skelter! 

How do spacemen get on and off a Rocket? Quite easy, they use a helter skelter!
These spacemen are also holding up their scientific space clipboard which has a letter on each one, spelling out LEICESTER. 

10. Relaxing Rocket 

A beautiful Rocket that takes inspiration from Leicester’s famous sons.

Inspired by Sir David Attenborough and brother Richard as role models who grew up in Leicester, this Rocket’s intricate detail is designed to give people a gentle nudge to stop, focus and think about what is important in life. 


The auction will raise vital funds for LOROS Hospice, a local charity which provides free, high-quality, compassionate care and support to terminally ill patients, their family and carers. 

All auction lots can be viewed in advance during a Farewell Weekend at the National Space Centre from 9th-10th October. Tickets are available at  

After that next stop will be the glittering Grand Charity Auction on Wednesday 13th October, where, it is hoped, they will raise tens of thousands of pounds for LOROS Hospice. To find out more about bidding visit 

Rocket Round Leicester has been brought to the city by LOROS Hospice together with leading art event producers Wild in Art. 

Rocket Round Leicester

Rocket Round Leicester